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The Great Benefits of buying weigbridges for your business 

There are many awesome benefits of purchasing a weighbridge for sale at Truck Weigh Bridges. Purchasing either a new or used truck weigh scale for your Australian business can help you save you thousands in fines if you overload. If you are interested in purchasing a truck weighbridge you should definitely read on to find out more about the awesome benefits they provide your business.

Further advantages of having a weighbridge include:

Benefits of


  • Assists in calibrating inputs and outputs by weighing products prior to buying or selling.
  • Ensures legal obligations are met by not overloading & compromising safety.
  • Checking truck axle loading and total weight to comply with loading laws.



  • To provide economic and affordable weighbridge solutions without any compromise on quality or service
  • Honesty and clear communication to meet customers’ needs
  • Quick dispatch & supply timelines


  • Double stacking of weighbridge platform reduces freight costs.
  • Rail & truck transport available to deliver to you quickly.
  • Available for freight forwarding from Perth.


Quality Truck Weighbridges for Sale in Australia

Here at Truck Weighbridge, we offer an impressive range of new and used weighbridges for sale across the country at affordable prices. All of our reliable products are of a high quality and will function precisely, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

We’re an Australian company and are committed to providing a level of customer service that leaves our customers completely satisfied with the overall experience. Our knowledgeable team are fully trained and qualified to answer any questions and ensure you receive the best trade approved weighbridge for your individual needs.

Trade approved truck weigh scales could save you a fortune

Operating with overloaded trucks is an offence that can potentially cost you fines of up to $300,000. Our range of truck weighbridges are highly accurate and will ensure that your transport fleet never leaves overweight. Browse our range of single axle weigh pads and save. These affordable, easy-to-install options are perfect for smaller businesses with less sizable fleets that still want to ensure the highest standards of operational health and safety in the company.

Protect your staff and other drivers from danger and your own company from financial penalty with a bit of forethought and planning. Getting in touch with the team at Truck Weighbridge could be the smartest move you make for your business. Our full range of products suits business and budgets of all sizes and is perfect for both new and established companies looking for the very best equipment at the most competitive prices.

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If you’d like a quote for one of our new or used weighbridges, weigh pads, or weigh scales for sale or would like additional information on our delivery services, please call us today on 0429 218 794 or send us an email enquiry to [email protected] For high-quality products, friendly and expert customer service and prices that our competitors simply can’t beat, contact our team today and get your business outfitted the right way. For details on our mobile scales and other weighing systems, please click on the provided links.