Highly Accurate Chaser Bin Scales

Designed to provide precise harvest data information and management, our first-rate chaser bin scales can help you measure and control the amount of produce being delivered to or from your premise. Whether for providing proof of yield for insurance, monitoring yield data, preventing the overloading of transports, or verifying your head yield monitor, there are many advantages to utilising an accurate and reliable weighing system.  

We work closely with numerous clients across a range of industries and understand how important it is for them to be able to precisely record and monitor in-going and out-going weights for all of their transports. Such an in-depth overview of their operations will open up potential opportunities to lower costs, increase efficiency and cut down on avoidable mistakes – all improving your bottom line.

Ensure you don’t get slammed with a hefty fine

Overloading trucks is heavily regulated in Australia and you could face a fine up to $300,000 if found to be in violation of these regulations. Such a costly fine could prove detrimental to any business, which is why it’s so crucial to rigorously monitor weight loads of your transports with our bin scales. Tailored to suit your individual needs, you will be able to keep a close eye on harvest yields and prevent any mistakes in calculation slipping by unnoticed.

What makes us the trusted suppliers in Australia?

With years of experience assisting a range of commercial and industrial clients, we have built a reputation for only providing premium products, whether it be grain weighing scales, weighbridges, or otherwise. It is this reliability which has seen us establish a positive track record throughout Australia among businesses both big and small.

How can we help?

Send us your query to [email protected] or call us direct on 0429 218 794 should you have any questions about our exceptional weighing scales or other systems.