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Much like our service, we ensure our products are flexible, convenient and reliable. The wide range of portable weigh scales for sale at Truck Weighbridge allow transport operations to receive consistently accurate weight measurements whilst smoothly and efficiently relocating their products as desired.

Why choose us for your portable truck scales?

Besides harnessing extensive experience in the industry, we are a proud Australian owned business that is dedicated to helping other local businesses by providing affordable portable weighing solutions. We can deliver anywhere in Australia and offer a wide selection of delivery options including truck, rail and freight forwarding from Perth. We also have a range of cost-effective packages for customers looking to purchase a number of products at once.

Most importantly though, we always put our customers first. We make it our mission to work closely with both our professional suppliers and our clients to ensure the most reliable products are paired with the appropriate individuals. Our goal is simple but effective: to tailor a solution specifically for your needs.

Advantages of mobile truck weigh scales

If your transport company is constantly adapting, expanding, and improving its operations over time, then a weighing scale which is mobile will improve your manoeuvrability and location options. For mines, logging operations and other companies which require vast quantities of raw materials to be transported, relocating is a common occurrence and the costs of installing multiple weighbridges is simply impractical and wasteful. Invest in Truck Weighbridge’s mobile truck scales and generate the most value for your buck.

Sizes of scales available for sale

We have a range of different dimensions to suit many requirements:

  • 4m x0.8m twin platforms
  • 10m x 0.8m twin platforms
  • 18m x 0.8m twin platforms
  • 5m x 3m
  • 6m x 3m
  • 7m x 3m
  • 8m x 3m
  • 10m x 3m

Each of these sizes comes with optional entry/exit ramp with a capacity of up to 60T.

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