We Provide Quality Axle Group Weighing Solutions

If you require a product which is going to standup to the test of time and provide consistent results which are highly accurate, then Truck Weighbridge has the axle group weighing products for you. We can deliver to all areas of Australia and aim to get our products to you in a timely and convenient manner. We’re an Australian owned business ourselves and strive to support our fellow countrymen with a quality customer experience and friendly, dedicated service.

Benefits of our group weighing products

We understand the importance of having a system which you can rely upon to provide you precise results and keep your business out of hot water. When some of the fines for overloading a transport truck come in at a whopping $300,000, it pays to invest in a product which adheres to the highest standard of quality.

Our heavy duty group weighing pads are larger than the individual models and can accommodate trucks and other vehicles of varying size and their number of wheels or axle size. If you have a fleet of diverse vehicles but don’t want to invest in a large weighbridge, then this is the product for you.

Affordable and Flexible

Although larger the individual pads, this product is still cheaper than the weighbridge and easier to install, reducing labor costs and the time required to install them. This is ideal for businesses which can’t put their operations on hold for the time it takes to have the weighing system setup. They also still have the advantage of movability, allowing their owners to relocate them if required.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to learn more about our exceptional products, such as our mobile weight scales, truck weighing systems and our affordable package deals, please call us for a chat and we’ll be able to offer a quote.