Truck Weighing Systems in Australia for Every Need

For the experts in axle weigh pads in Australia, visit Truck Weighbridge for the most reliable and accurate truck weighing products and systems, including our trade approved weighbridges. We can deliver to anywhere in the country and offer a range of delivery options including truck and rail.

Don’t take the risk of utilising a cheap and nasty product that isn’t assured to give you reliable readings. Since overloading a truck is a criminal offence and can see you copping fines up in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, quality is not something you want to overlook. We only work with high quality suppliers to deliver you a reputable product you can trust.

The difference between axle weigh pads and a weighbridge is that the former weighs the individual wheels and axles themselves to ensure the truck is adhering to the legal weight limits.

Benefits of axle weigh pads

There a number of advantages to this product over the traditional weighbridge and they are as follows:

  • Cost effective – As these weigh pads are specifically suited to trucks with a certain number of wheels, you don’t require an entire bridge or platform for your vehicle to park upon. This smaller alternative, which you can customise to your individual needs, saves you money compared to the larger scale version.
  • Faster installation – Another benefit of the low equipment cost is that it only takes a single day to be installed, saving you additional labour costs and ensuring you’re up and running in no time at all.
  • Flexibility – This product is excellent for mines and factories which may require the equipment to be relocated depending on expansion or convenience. They aren’t overly large and only require a small pickup truck to transport.
  • Wireless data – Our exceptional products come with a wireless handheld reader to view weight units and ultimately allows for greater manoeuvrability and efficiency.

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